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Silvair enabled controls

Wireless lighting controls based on qualified bluetooth mesh

DANLERS Limited manufacture a new range of energy saving controls empowered by Silvair Lighting Firmware based on qualified Bluetooth mesh.

Mesh Networking

DANLERS Silvair enabled controls can be commissioned using the Silvair Platform to form a wireless Bluetooth mesh network. The free iOS app is fully compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 + LE and Bluetooth 5.

Saving Energy

DANLERS Silvair enabled controls offer specifiers and installers flexible, cost-effective energy saving solutions such as occupancy control and light level control. Photocell settings and time out settings are fully configurable via the Silvair Platform app.

Scalability and Reliability

DANLERS Silvair empowered controls operate as a distributed mesh network with no central controller and no single point of failure. This means that the networks, which can consist of many thousands of nodes, are self-healing and in constant synchronisation, so that if any device (node) goes offline it will catch up from others when it returns back online.


Bluetooth mesh standard uses the most advanced encryption and device authentication solutions that prevent unauthorized access to the lighting network. Designed to protect itself against malicious attacks, the Bluetooth mesh standard means that the Silvair solution is secure and dependable.

No Gateway

Any Bluetooth mesh qualified device can be added to the network as required and as all communication in the network happens over Bluetooth so there is no need for a gateway. The system is commissioned with a smartphone or tablet enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 5 running the Silvair Platform app. Once commissioned, no internet connection is needed for the network to work.

Cost savings

As Danlers products are enabled with Silvair's lighting control solution, specifiers and installers finally have a wireless solution which significantly reduces the costs of adding lighting control to significantly reduce building energy consumption and improve occupant comfort.


Silvair's interoperable solution is perfectly designed for most applications including commercial, industrial and educational.

Bespoke and O.E.M manufacture

New controls can be manufactured to special order or designed and manufactured for Original Equipment Manufacturers to integrate into their products or solutions. The DANLERS range of Casambi enabled components is growing all the time so please contact our sales team for the latest details.

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Email: casambi@danlers.co.uk


Programmable Multi Functional Energy Saving Lighting Controls

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