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Rotary and Push LED Dimmers


Push LED dimmer (plated)

Plated Push LED dimmer. DANLERS plated 1-gang LED dimmer switch (leading edge) is compatible with many dimmable LED lamps and fittings. Push On / Push OFF, with rotary dimming control. Robust, white polycarbonate moulded plate. The dimmer has an adjusted spindle on the back of the product to specify the minimum dim level to help eliminate lamp instability. Can be used in 1-way or 2-way switching circuits. Thermal fuse for short circuit protection.

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Maximum Load

Maximum load 250W

Minimum load

Due to the characteristics and ever changing design of different lamp manufacturers LED drivers DANLERS cannot specify a universal accurate minimum load. However, the adjustable spindle on DPDLED can help to eliminate lamp instability in many LED lamps and fittings.


86 x 86mm